Hello, I'm Laura,

a photographer and educator,
passionate about real, raw moments, and adventuring to new places with you.

When I am not travelling the world holding workshops and capturing families, babies & bumps, you’ll find me with my family exploring the beautiful city of Barcelona, where we're based.

Hello, I'm Laura.

A little about me

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Let me create an experience for you.

Let's do this!

Photography for me has always been about creating memories out of moments. It's always been about those times when you look back on an image and memories come flooding back — the smells, the sounds, the warmth.

It’s a connection to the past you rarely get to experience, a step back in time remembering small moments that drift away over the years.

I'm a mama to three gorgeous kids who are growing taller by the day, and I'm constantly reminded that these, right here, are the days; these are the moments worth capturing before they become a distant memory.

Work with me

My sessions are incredibly relaxed; leave your worries and stresses behind and enjoy some time connecting with the people that matter the most — your family.

Let your kids run wild.

Give them lots of kisses, pay extra special attention to how they look at the world, and the secrets they want to tell you. Let them explore, dig their toes in the mud & get dirty.

My sessions are centred on the imperfect moments that make up the essence of your family. They're about you picking your children up and wiping away their tears, about playing their favourite games, and spending the time to explore a new place with them.

It's filled with conversations about parenting in amongst that chaos of chasing after, and loving on your kids. You will leave your session feeling both exhausted, but also completely refreshed from dedicating an afternoon to just 100% loving on your kids.

Even better, the process of taking photos together will create priceless memories that you’ll look back on fondly for years to come ✨

It’s such a huge honour to have photographed so many families over the past couple of years — from capturing parents welcoming their babies into the world, to those first few weeks of newborn snuggles, and getting outdoors at sunset to capture the love (and craziness) that makes up the family unit.

I would love to photograph your family, and I can’t wait to hear from you!

Laura xo

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